Friday, 16 May 2014

Liverpool's LightNight 2014

Today is yet another exciting day in Liverpool's cultural calendar. It's Light Night and this galleries, museums and exhibition spaces of beautiful city stays up late, and so do we! Between 5pm and the wee small hours, there's a fantastic program of walks, tours, exhibitions, street performances and light projections.

The tag line: 'Do something different on a Friday night". Love tunnels? Join the Mersey tunnel tour. 

Rather be high above the city than explore underneath it? Go up to the top of St John's Beaconor join a Twilight Tower Tour at the Anglican Cathedral.
Fancy trying your hand at screen printing or Chinese fan dancing? Sorted. Hungry? There'll be enough local foodies around to tempt you. Want to admire pretty (pretty wonderful, pretty interesting, pretty weird and confusing)? There's tons at LightNight, and Light Night's organisers have this week released the secret location of two light projections onto two historic buildings: Liverpool's Bluecoat, a Grade I listed building, and our Metropolitan Cathedral  Here's a picture to give you an idea of just how pretty it's going to look!

Here's some (terrible phone quality) photographs taken at previous Light Nights, including Viennese waltzing in the impressive Town Hall. Look at that ceiling! The effect of the candle lit labyrinth outside the cathedral in 2012 was somewhat scuppered by the pouring rain that night but, from a distance, it still looked pretty impressive!

We normally plan where we want to go but this year, we're a little less organised and it may be a case of enjoying whatever we stumble upon as we walk around. One area we will head towards for at least part of the night is Liverpool's Baltic Triangle, which will be hosting The Liverpool Photobooth Project. We sat for the photographer at last year's Light Night and have been told that our faces may well be part of this exhibition - intriguing and exciting! Wherever we end up, it promises to be a great night exploring our own city. Local to Liverpool and no Friday night plans? You can find out more about Light Night here. So excited for tonight's adventure!
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