Thursday, 6 September 2012

Happy in... Harrogate

A few weeks back, I treated my mum to a couple of nights away in Harrogate. Though only a couple of hours drive away, I had not spent any real time there before and I wasn't really sure what to expect. 

We had a great time! The sun was shining as we wandered through Valley Gardens and Harrogate's little cobbled shopping streets, walking past the impressive Royal Pump Room building (apparently you can sample sulphur water there - yum!), and stumbling upon a farmers market where we bought some almosttoogoodtoeat Lauden chocolates

We spent a mere £15 each to relax in the Turkish Baths (beware, clothing is optional for ladies only sessions!), treated each other to Champagne Afternoon Tea at Bettys Tea Rooms, and ate like kings in the stunning setting of Royal Baths Chinese restaurant.

Harrogate: Totally relaxing, and a lovely place to spend quality time with my mum. Anyone out there been to Harrogate? I would definitely make a return trip.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Little (Big) Pieces

I would describe myself as a positive person. Having said that, when I do have a rough day or a rubbish week, I don't always do a good job at remembering how lucky I am. Mostly I want to use this space to remind myself of the things that I see or do week to week, month to month, that really make me smile/ laugh/ crytearsofjoyintoatissue etc. However, these little things are made a whole lot better because of the big 'pieces of happy' I have around me and I sometimes need a reminder of this, too.

August 2011

This was photograph taken by a friend on our wedding day. 374 days later, I can still remember the big fat smile that wouldn't, and didn't need to, leave my face all day. So, little (big) piece of happy number 1: My husband.
The lovable mouse killer
Our cat. Another of my little (big) pieces of happy. Having never had a cat until this little mister, I've been surprised at how much I love this bundle of (ever malting) fluff/ catcher of innocent little mice. He provides hours of entertainment in our household! I also have amazing family and friends who show me lots of love. We've been through an awful lot together and they are most definitely in my little (big) pieces of happy list. So, there you are. An introduction to the people that maintain the happy behind the scenes.

Monday, 3 September 2012

We All Need A Little Reminding

Like a lot of people, I allow myself to get weighed down by little negatives and stressed out by long lists and I forget all the amazing opportunities that I have around me. These pages will be a space to remind myself of how full life is and can be.
Sri Lankan sky on our Honeymoon in 2011
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