30 for Thirty

This is my list of things I'd love to try and places I'd love to visit before my 30th birthday, or in my thirtieth year. I'll have a year and a little bit to work my way through as many as I can. I'll cross them off in turn and try to share the experience here.

  1. Explore my own city
  2. Pass my advanced open water diving qualification
  3. Finally visit Portmerion Village 
  4. Make homemade pecan pie
  5. Join a book club
  6. Learn to ski
  7. Knit something 
  8. Get a first author research paper accepted for publication
  9. Learn how to meditate
  10. Visit Anglesey
  11. Volunteer my time to a cause that matters to me
  12. Learn how to take better photographs
  13. Run a 10K
  14. Attend a walk through or open air theatre performance
  15. Visit Marrakesh
  16. See a performance at the Shakespeare Globe in London
  17. Eat something I've never tried before
  18. Sing in front of a crowd
  19. Swim alongside a turtle
  20. Re-learn how to play the flute 
  21. (Successfully) Make macarons from scratch
  22. Stay in the Scottish Highlands
  23. Watch an opera
  24. Sleep in a cottage by the sea 
  25. Host a five course dinner party
  26. Take a flower arranging course
  27. Dance until sunrise (well, into the wee small hours!)
  28. Make a new friend
  29. Own a pair of killer court shoes
  30. Watch a movie at a drive in theatre
I also created a list of experiences I'd been able to complete before my 29th birthday. You can find it here.

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