Saturday, 30 May 2015

30 for Thirty: No#13 Run a 10K

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YES! On Sunday 3rd May 2015 I took part in the Liverpool Spring 10K race at Sefton Park. Not only did I take part but I ran it (-just a little ~30 second walk to chug down water at the 5K mark, and another ~30 second walk around 8K). My chip time was 1h 07m 09s. That 9 seconds is annoying me, but I'm trying to quiet that ever-ready part of my brain which tells me that it isn't fast at all compared to lots of people and that I should have ran that little bit faster/ paced myself better/ shouldn't have walked for those two short bits and, instead, CELEBRATE! In less than four months, I've gone from a red-faced panting mess after 30 seconds of running on the treadmill, to completing my first 10K road race. Hoorah!
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