Saturday, 23 August 2014

30 for Thirty: No#17 Eat Something I've Never Tried Before

I do enjoy tasty food and, after last year's flavour adventure in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, I wanted to set myself the challenge of eating at least one new dish. I definitely did this in Indonesia this Summer. I ate new savouries and sweets. Here's a few photographs as evidence that I can tick this 30 for Thirty item off the list:

1. Seafood: Barramundi and mahi-mahi 

I was really excited to try "barra" and mahi-mahi on Gili Trawangan after dribbling in front of the TV for so many episodes of Australian MasterChef. 

2. An Indonesian pot-luck plate

This was a tasty dish I ordered at a little warung on Lembongan. I've no idea what exactly was in it, but it tasted good and I'm pretty positive there was at least one thing in it I'd not tried before.

3. Indonesian nasi campur

I cannot remember whether I tried nasi campur in Sri Lanka, but I'd not had Indonesian nasi campur so I'm counting it as another new dish! This was my nasi campur breakfast our hotel in Ubud. I did wimp out and avoid the spicy sambal at 8am, though.

I am sure my adventures in food with continue but I'm not sure that I'll be on such beautiful islands eating any time soon!

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