Monday, 31 December 2012


January can be a bit of a 'bleugh' month, following on from Christmas' festive fun. Taking down the Christmas tree is always a sad moment for me, particularly the empty spaces where Christmas cards hung, lights twinked and good old cranberry candles burned.

Actually, this January is already shaping up to be a good one. One of my closest friends recently announced her engagement and has only a short time to plan her February 2013 wedding. Her hen do is planned for 25th January and I think there will also be need for some crafty hands on deck action for her over the next month, too. I'm very excited for her! I'll also be saying a goodbye to one of my good childhood friends as she sets of for adventures around Asia and Australia later this month, but not before a good send off party. It is also Mr. Little Pieces of Happy's birthday later this week and that gives a good excuse for more champagne sipping and tasty meals. There's a lot to look forward to this January.

This January, I'm also jumping on Florence Finds' #JanuaryJoy wagon and will follow day to day activities to bring a little more fun (and structure!) to January's often dreary days. 
First task? Make some New Year resolutions. I've not really set myself specific NY resolutions the past few years. We did decide we'd make sure we spent more time together and apart with our friends in 2012 and we've definitely done this. This year I'm going to put pen to paper, or typeface to webspace, and share my resolutions for 2013, but first I'll have to think about them!

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