Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What to Pack? The Dress

There's almost seven months between now and when I step onto the plane to Bangkok for a little Southeast Asia adventure, but that's not going to stop me doing a bit of outfit planning! 

The planning issue of the day: the dress. For a three week-ish trip and a backpack I can't take all of my favourites with me, unless I force M to take just a pair of swim shorts. I started thinking about multiway dresses. A basic dress that can be styled in lots of different ways. I turned to Google.

Le Sac dress by American Apparel

The most popular multiway dress seems to be American Apparel's Le Sac dress. It is fairly inexpensive and you can accessorise with their range of extra straps/ belts in a rainbow of colours. American Apparel's website has lots of styling tips and step by steps of how to wear the dress. 'The Grecian' way is a favourite of mine.
In One Clothing's multiway dress
Of course, there's also the more upmarket 'bridesmaid' style dress like this one from In One Clothing, or these gorgeous maxi length multiways from Two Birds. I'm certain these would be great as a versatile occasion dress, but I'm after a more casual looking dress, with a lower price point.

I also found a DIY project Le Sac style dress on My Waking Memories here which would be great because I could find my own pretty fabric.

I'm hoping that planning what to pack will make the seven month build up to our trip go just a little bit faster! Any space saving, backpack-wardrobe friendly recommendations from  you space savvy packers?

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