Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Little Bit of May

It's been a while, hasn't it! The past few months have been busy and I've had lots to do at work. I cannot believe it's nearly the end of another academic year. Here's a little snapshot of what I got up to between marking coursework scripts!

  • A London hen do, cocktail making and dancing induced blisters
  • Time with friends and a trip to Bath Thermea Spa
  • Liverpool's LightNight, playing Buckaroo at The Brink and posing for a portrait for 2014 exhibition
  • Leaving meal and drinks ahead of my best friend's travel adventure
  • Celebrating my lovely mother in law's 60th birthday
  • A growing obsession with Mad Men
  • A roadtrip to London with my husband
  • Dinner in Brixton market and discovering creme brulee martinis
  • Dancing excitedly in my seat to The Postal Service in London

  • Trying on my bridesmaid dress for next year's big W day
  • Late night cookie baking
  • Taking a scuba diving course with my brother
  • Thank you flowers and chocs from lovely students
  • Scrabble in the sunshine 
  • Ice creams on Crosby beach
  • Family BBQs

All in all, a pretty great month. My June highlight will almost definitely be my friend's wedding in Buxton gardens next weekend. Hair appointment needs to be booked, postman brought my fascinator this morning and I'm zumba-ing and aqua running myself a toned back as often as I can! I'm very VERY excited!


  1. Oooh lovely to see you back! Missed your posts! x

    1. Ah, Laura, your comment has made my day! Thank you :) Hope you're enjoying marital bliss! x


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