Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday Finds

A few things that have caught my eye as I've searched through the pretty this week.

  • Blackberry rose water ice cream on Cafe Johnson looks deeee-licious!
  • This rose sangria recipe on Cupcakes and Cashmere looks like the perfect tipple for sunnier days. I might whip up a jug this weekend, if the sun's still shining.
  • Another Summer 'drink' that would be great when you have friends over: Mojito jelly shots set in a lime on A Beautiful Mess! Mojito is one of my favourite cocktails. I wonder if these would freeze to make a refreshing little iced jelly?
  • I loved this tutorial for sugared flowers on One Fine Day. They look so elegant and will keep for two weeks. I'm not sure where I'd source the organic flowers but I'm certainly going to look back to this when I want to make some beautiful cupcakes.
  • Just look at these nails on LLYMLRS. Art! I've just discovered the wonder of using a base coat. Yes, years behind most other people! My home manicures no longer chip within hours. Hoorah! I'd definitely contemplate trying something as snazzy as this on my nails.    

I could spend hours immersed in beautiful blogs, but I really need to get my brain back into research mode ready for a student-less Summer. And the sun is shining, so that's a big enough distraction already! Erm, here's to being productive...!

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