Monday, 4 March 2013


Jacques when we first rescued him.
Our little mister, Jacques, was involved in an accident on Saturday and he's been with the local vet for the last few days. He has broken his tail near the spine, his nerves have suffered damage and they cannot be more definite about his prognosis at the moment. I am heartbroken. The house feels empty and all the little patterns that we fall into around him have had to be paused. This weekend has not been a happy one but I hope that better news is on its way and that we can bring our little rascal home, healthy.

Please keep your fingers crossed for his recovery.


  1. Ah get well soon little kitty! He is beautiful :)

    Also, Jaques-in-a-box just made my day!


  2. Let me know how he is Laura, I hope he gets well soon xxx


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