Monday, 25 March 2013

Once Upon a Snowy March Weekend

What's going on with the weather? It's nearly April for goodness sake! I had a great weekend away visiting friends planned, including a trip to Bath Thermea Spa, but the drive to Reading in snow and ice scared me. So, instead, I (more or less) hibernated at home this weekend.

On Friday afternoon I missed a girly Twilight movie afternoon with friends to delivered a lecture to only around half of the first year cohort. It was an afternoon lecture on the last teaching day before Easter so chances of full attendance were already pretty slim, but Mr. Snow didn't help the situation! I stopped by my friends after work for a catch up cuppa and hear about their afternoon. Friday night was a salt and pepper fish and chips night, snuggling up under the blanket, cat on lap, and watching The Constant Gardener.

Saturday morning, up and to the gym for an hour or so. Hot shower followed by a scummy plate of huevos rancheros and catching up with MasterChef UK. Travel update: We also booked a hotel for our stay in Bangkok. It is FIT. I'm so excited to stay there in August!  

Infinity pool overlooking Bangkok
Later on, we met up with friends for drinks on Lark Lane before heading back to theirs for a competitive games night, including Categorically Speaking (a 'fake' Scategories), Pass the Pigs and John Lewis' Gender Wars. Conclusions: Girls rule!

Sunday was a shlomp day. I spent most of it in my pjs marking essays, drinking hot chocolates, catching up with online pretty and watching Legally Blonde on TV. "Bend and SNAP". Veggie burger tea and yummy homemade fruit crumble pots, followed by a lovely bubble bath to round off this low key weekend.

Today was the first day of the student holiday and work was very quiet indeed. It was a nice change from the busy last few weeks, but isolating. I took Jacques to his third veterinary acupuncture session this afternoon and tonight, we're going for a Nando's and cinema date night to see either Side Effects or Identity Theft.

Hope you had a fun weekend and the snow didn't ruin any plans!

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