Wednesday, 20 March 2013

'Make Me Pretty': A Desk's Story

We're in the process of updating our second bedroom, which we use mainly as study (and more recently, as Jacques' rest and recuperation/ please-pee-soon room). I say 'in the process', this process has been ongoing for the last two years with little to no progression. 

The desk we currently use in the study is a sturdy Ikea beech effect desk which we bought when we first moved in together in 2006, picked up cheap in their 'Bargain Corner' because it had a dint in the side. This desk has been well used and had shining moments as a makeshift dining table when we were too penniless/tight to buy a proper one, as a place to rest my tired head while typing up my PhD thesis, and as a pasting table! It is well worn and I've wanted to get something new and a little smaller for ages. Thanks to the powerhouse that is ebay, we've managed to bag a second hand John Lewis solid beech desk in pretty great condition, for under £50. It will fit nicely into our chimney breast alcove. I want to spend some time updating the desk and have been using my Young House Love book, and Pinterest for inspiration. 

Here's a snapshot of what I've been looking at on Pinterest:

Images: Coins; Sheet music; Penguin postcards; Literature; MapsAnthropologie drawer knobsCork boards; Chalk cabinets
For now, the desk is in pieces. Hopefully by the time we assemble it we'll have decided what to do! Any desk related inspiration you have stumbled upon that I'm missing out on? This will be fun. I'll keep you posted!

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