Thursday, 31 January 2013

A Month of #JanuaryJoy

This month I have been taking part in Florence Finds' #JanuaryJoy. Each prompt is designed to encourage you to do all the little things you enjoy but rarely make time for. I've really enjoyed following the #JanuaryJoy prompts and they have made my January full and fun.

Here's my round up:
  • 1 Resolutions were written here. A couple of days into 2013, but better late than never.
  • 2 I not much of a 'boozer' but January's been busy and I'm don't think I've had a dry week/month. Oops.
  • 3 We went for a Thai meal and cocktails for my husband's birthday. A mid week date night!
  • 4 We were in Harrogate and walked around Valley Gardens on the 4th but we managed lots of other walks this month, too.
No#4 A January walk at Crosby Beach
  • 7 I wrote about skincare here. I've since bought St. Ives facial scrub after reading peoples' raves.
  • 8 It feels like new music is downloaded in our house almost every day. I deliberately braved it onto M's i-tunes and pleasantly surprised myself!
  • 9 I didn't manage to do a new exercise but I have gone back to aqua run classes and still planning to get into yoga.
  • 10 More travel planning for the Thailand-Singapore adventure here. 
  • 11 LES MISERABLES! Me and my lovely mum had a girly day and went to the cinema to see Les Mis.
  • 14 No manicure. In fact, my Shellac lifted today and I ended up peeling the rest off. Naughty. My poor nails haven't had a treat this month.
  • 15 I wrote about a recently purchased travel book, "36 Hours: 125 Weekends in Europe", here.  

No#15 And books do, too
  • 16 A little bit of budget planning here.
  • 17 I didn't manage to get a hair cut or be brave enough to re-colour my hair, but I did write a hair related post here!
  • 18 Though not the first time I've thought about it, I took time to write this post about family planning.
  • 21 We made this vegetarian meal
  • 22 I am crafting at least part of my #HeartSwap gift. I also posted about the teacup candle I made as a Christmas gift here.
  • 23 Make memories. We went to Paris in October and earlier this month I'd used Photobox to create a Paris book. It joins the other holiday photobooks on our bookcase. 
  • 24 Its not the prompt itself that was enjoyable for this one, but I felt a lot better once I'd taken time to have a clear out and organise my make up, t-shirt and underwear drawers.
No#24 A very organised make up drawer
  • 25 Today we booked our flights for our Southeast Asia adventure. This definitely ticked the (planning to) go somewhere you have never been before.
  • 28 I didn't get around to baking bread, but I did find some tasty recipes that I'll have to make time for in February.
  • 29 Nothing like relaxing after work with a long bath and home spa.
No#29 All set up for my home spa
  • 30 This was aqua running night so I decided not to undo all my calorie burning! I've made enough other naughty things to eat this month though, including this Bailey's creme brulee.
No#30 Homemade Baileys creme brulee
All that is left of #JanuaryJoy is today's, no#31: Reevaluate.
I think I got through most of the #JanuaryJoy prompts at some stage during January and my month was all the better for it. Highlights include our date night meal, my Les Mis cinema trip with my mum, and the travel planning conversation which resulted in flight bookings last weekend. 

#JanuaryJoy has also motivated me to become a bit more involved in the online blogging community, and I've really enjoyed writing posts and reading what other people have been getting up to. A great idea from Rebecca at Florence Finds, thank you! I'm really glad I got involved. In fact, February may be a little empty without it!   

Have you been taking part in #JanuaryJoy? What were your highlights, and what is in store for you this February?

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