Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Crafting: Candles in Teacups #JanuaryJoy

Today's #JanuaryJoy is all about making time to craft. I love a good bit of crafting.
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My school friends used to get together for Craft Club every Thursday. It usually ended up with more wine drinking than cross stitching, but it was a weekly highlight. As our shift patterns and commitments changed, Craft Club sadly disbanded. I now craft alone (sob!) but find that it is a great way to de-stress. 

My current craft project is for my #HeartSwap partner (find out more about #HeartSwap at Skin & Blister's lovely blog here) so its all a bit hush hush, for now. Instead, I'll share one of my Christmas craft projects.

I decided to make my mum a teacup candle (Pinterest link) and discovered that:
  • It makes for an inexpensive gift
  • It is fairly easy to make
  • It will be very well received!
There's lots of candle DIYs around online, but here's how I made my teacup candle:

My mum and dad had a full Eternal Beau crockery service and it was always the 'special' set that came out for special occasions or when we hosted people for dinner. Around a year ago, my mum made the decision to sell the crockery so that she could have a bit of an update, but it was my feeling that it was also a sad thing for her. I was having a charity shop browse in October and came across a cup and saucer in the very same Eternal Beau range. I decided to buy it and find out how to make it into a teacup candle that she could keep to remind her of me, and of my dad. My mum has assured me that the teacup is burning down in the very fashion a candle should. Good news!

I am definitely going to make some more teacup candles in the future, not least because I have the remainder of a 1kg bag of paraffin wax to use up! I think the next adventure in candle making will be to add fragrance.

Anyone else made their own candles? Any tips for adding a fragrance?

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