Monday, 28 January 2013

Daily Bread #JanuaryJoy

#JanuaryJoy no.28: Bake some bread.

Until a couple of years ago I had only had one (failed) attempt at baking bread in a school home ec class. The recipe asked for a couple of tablespoons of water. I poured in the whole jug...

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How do you make good bread quickly? Well this website, Artisan Bread in Five, suggests making it in advance and then only needing to bake when you need it. Great time saver, but I think this misses the fun parts of knocking back and kneading. Rebecca at Florence Finds has also added a bread recipe which looks quick and simple. I think I'll have to give both a try.

I love flavoured breads, particularly rosemary based recipes. I've tried and tested Lorraine Pascale's Rosemary and Sea Salt Foccacia, with success every time. I have her book, but you can also get the recipe at BBC Food here. Really easy to follow, delicious, and there's nothing quite like the smell of rosemary through the house.
Our rosemary and sea salt foccacia, pre-oven

Bread bake to do list:
  • I'm going to add this Rosemary and Olive Oil Bread from A Hint of Honey to my list of breads to bake. 
  • For an American twist, I'm adding these soft pretzels from Life Made Simple to the list, too. YUM. 
  • Slow cooker bread. A friend recommended a recipe, so I'll have to give this a go at some stage.
What are your tried and tested bread recipes? 

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